Stâna de Vale


Stana de Vale (Hungarian Biharfüred) is a resort located in Bihor county, belonging to the village of Budureasa, in Vlădeasa Mount, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, being the rainy center of Romania.

Car access is possible from Oradea-Deva national road that passes through Beiuş - about 65 km. Leaving the national road DN 76 and passing on DJ 764A to Budureasa, we get to Stana de Vale, following a winding road of about 27 km. The main treatement conditions that attract thousands of tourists annually at Stana de Vale are the oligo and ferruginous waters, the tonic bioclimate, characterized by low atmospheric pressure, intense solar radiation and high air ionization. Treatments for persons arriving at Stana de Vale are for endocrine disorders, asthenic neurosis and respiratory illnesses. Among the most popular local treatement we mention herbal baths, electrotherapy, massage, sauna and medical gymnastics. Demonstrated effects have been observed in the case of benign hypothyroidism and Basedow disease in the case of the stages I and II.


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