Scărișoara Glacier

Ghetarul de la Scarisoara

It is located at an altitude of 1165 m at the edge of the karst plateau Scarisoara. The total length of the cave is 720 m, having a depth of 105 m. Access is possible by a hole 48m deep and 60m in diameter.

At the beginning of the pit lies the gate of the cave itself that gives access to a huge room called the Great Hall, with a diameter of about 47 m, which continues to NW with two rooms arranged one after the other: The Small Hall and The Church . In the south of the Great Hall a wide entrance opens, of 15 m wide and 7m high 7. It is that of Maxim Pop Gallery, which after going 68 m down goes on with the Grand Natural Park of the cave. From this, we climb into the Cathedral, with beautiful concretions and with no ice. From the Cathedral, through a small window we pass in the Coman Corridor, the hottest sector of the cave (+5 ° C) and also having no ice, but rich in calcite concretions. From the Great Hall we reach to the Little Natural Park by climbing down a14 m high ice cliff. In the north - eastern part of the Little Natural Park, Sanzaiana Palace is located, free of ice and concretion. The ice block has a volume of 75,000 m3 and an average thickness of 16 m and is found stuck in the Great Hall, forming the floor of this hall, from where it extends through tongues of ice in the Grand Natural Park, the Little Natural Park and the Church. In these three halls, at some distance from the ice block, ice stalagmites grow, with sizes varying from a few cm to over 10m (the Church). Unlike the ice block which is 3500 years old (Pop, Ciobanu, 1950), these stalagmites can melt from one year to another, or even completely disappear in some periods.


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