Valley Ordâncuşa

Valea Ordâncusa

Springing from under the Clujului peak, the valley crosses an anonymous area at its beginnings, then it sculpts some of the most impressive gorges in Apuseni, developed over 4 km long.

Particularly steep and very high walls (200 m) reach in some areas less than 5 m, the road difficultly finding place among them. The caves are more than 50. The main tributary of Ordancusei is Glacier Streamlet that springs in the Fantana de la Iapa and drains the north-eastern section of the Glaciers Plateau - Ocoale.

The western slope of the valley, near the springs, shows a steep limestone wall ,well highlighted, cut by a beautiful suspended valley, to which Politei Valley widened by about 25 m. After crossing several limestone sectors limestone, digging small gaps, Politei Valley flows into the Garda Seaca, upstream from its confluence with Cotetul Dobrestilor.


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