Bohodei Waterfall

Saritoarea Bohodei

Access to the waterfall is possible from the forest road on Aleului Valley. When the road bends to the right to cross the valley on the left side, we go off the road and climb the trail where marking signs appear. 15 minutes after leaving the road, the trail begins to climb high, the Aleului streaming forming numerous waterfalls. Next, the path leads us to cross the river and to turn left climbing the cliffs, through an area covered by blueberry bushes.

We go over a ridge, we slightly go down among blueberry bushes, over blocks of quartzite and the huge Bohodei water fall appears in front of us, the water falling from an impressive height. In fact, the water does not fall into the void, but is crawling on the very sloping rock that forms the bed of the valley. The height of the waterfall is about 80 m. There is a niche at its foot, between hanging rocks, low above the valley of Bohodei.

From the waterfall the hiking track continues until Bohodei Saddle on a rocky ridge particularly steep, with sequences equipped with chains that require climbing. Being extremely dangerous, this track is only recommended to tourists very well trained, properly equipped, and walking on it on rainy or foggy time is forbidden, or when carrying a large backpack.


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