Boga Valley

Valea Boga

The Boga Valley is the place of meeting for no less than three narrow sectors, namely: Bulbuci Valley Gorges, OseluValley Gorges and Boga Valley Gorges.

Bulbuci Valley Gorges develop downstream of Bulbuci Spring, a left tributary of the Boga Valley. Wilderness and inaccessibility are the main features of these gaps. Ciungilor Stone Stone Dogs slopes dominate the valley scattered with rapid waterfalls.

Oselu Valley has its source in an intermittent spring at the base of Stone Ciungilor Slope and has funnel shaped canyon sector opening upstream. The slopes of the Ciungilor Stone form a spectacular waterfall.

Boga Valley develops its own canyon sector, until the spring of the same name. The area is full of waterfalls and bordered by steep stones culminating in Boga Stone. This area is devoid of trails and very wild.

Plaiului Valley tributary, which deepenes in the right road that winds from Pietroasa to Padis also offers particularly spectacular canyon sectors with numerous waterfalls, caves, natural arches and debris.


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