Măgura Vânătă Mountain


The circular shaped ridge of the mountain, of about 12 km long, rises from the springs area east of Someșul Cald until Măgura Mică Peak (1,573 m), then smoothly turns south through alternating peaks and smooth saddles. Măgura Mare Peak is next(1,642 m) looking like a pyramid, descending steeply to the Old Valley. In the extreme south, Măgura Vănătă is linked through a saddle to Motului Church, the road from Huedin arriving through it in Padiș.

Măgura Vânătă Ridge offers panoramic views over the Padiș Basin and in the distance over the Tapu Mount (1,475 m) with Ruginoasa Pit and in the background with the top of the Bihar Massif with Curcubata Mare Peak(1,848 m).


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