Padiș Plain and Padiş Chalet

Sesul Padis si zona Cabanei Padis

Situated at an altitude of 1225 m, Padiș Plain constitutes a genuine karst plateau, almost flat, riddled with numerous sinkholes, some with lakes, other with clumps of spruce, through which rain water drains and springs in the daylight in Ponor Glade via Ponor Spring or Boga Valley.

It is bounded on the north by Magura Vanata Mount, on the west by Boga Mount, on the east by the Motului Church Peak, and on the south by a series of low ridges (Tomasca, Rotunda, Rachita). On the hills around the plain there are numerous fields of ditches and forests.

Toward Magura Vanata there are numerous sinkholes in which rivers that descend from the mountain flow.

The western part of the plain is a field full of small dolines, some with turbid water due to the acid soil. Here, under the Boga Mountain, Padiș Forest Range is located . Near the canton there is a spring, the only source of drinking water in the area.


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