Boga Stones and Boga Fence

Pietrele Boghii si Gardul Boghii

Boga Stones area is a major tourist attraction, given the broad view that provides the area on west of the Bihor Mountains and Depression of Beius.

Boga Peak (1,436 m), borders in the north-west the Padis Plain. The western slope of the peak, after a short and quite smooth descent through the spruce woods, is broken, creating a deep gap of 300 m, consisting of two sectors: Boga Stones and Boga Fence, among which there is a very steep ridge full of debris.

The panoramic view from above Boga Stones is situated on a terrace with earth and grass clumps, under which there is a vertical wall of 100 m and a steep slope with debris and woods that descend for another 300 m level difference until Boga Valley.


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