Flowers Glade

Poiana Florilor

Situated on the steep slope that descends beneath Galbena Stone until Galbena Valley, Flowers Glade consists of a group of clearings islands in the beech forest. Fully deserving its name, Flowers Glade is a paradise in the summer months when hundreds of species of flowers colorfully paint the glade. The meadows are particularly numerous in this area.

At the lowland of the meadow, near the forest roadside the tourist can find a source of fresh drinkable water. The landscape is dominated northside by Galbena stone the slopes of which exceed 200 m.

An opposite steep forested slope is cleaved from Seaca Valley, which descends from Tapu Mount, bringing loess deposits to Ruginoasa Pit .

Rightwards of Seaca Valley, Vârseci Hill houses the cave with the same name, with an imposing portal and a gallery of 440 m, with concretions.

A number of streams, marked by strips of forests and bushes, crosses the top of the clearing, creating a considerable flow downhill. Because of this, the land is sometimes quite swampy.


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