Galbena Gorges

Cheile Galbenei

Located in the southwestern and western closed hollow of Padiș - Fortresses of Ponor, outside it, Galbena Valley is a drainage corridor for the majority of water courses towards Beiuș Depression.

Almost throughout the entire valley, Galbena includes narrow gorges, bordered by vertical walls and steep hills, with numerous waterfalls and very difficult to cross. The upstream sector is the most spectacular the section between Galbena Spring and Luncsoara Valley constituting a narrow canyon, bordered by vertical walls of over 100 m.

Galbena Spring is the underground resurgence of the river of Ponor Fortresses Cave, in fact most of the river flows that cross the closed hollow of Padiș - Fortresses of Ponor and the Zapodie System of Barsa Pit. The spring is a water eye about 7 m diameter, located on a rock wall. Downstream, the water rolls down in waterfalls.


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