Galbenei Stone

Piatra Galbenei

Galbenei Stone (1,243 m) seen from the north, is located in the extreme south side of the Barsa Pit. The southern part of the slope, however, is a steep limestone ridge of over 200 m, with wide views, guarding the Flowers Glade.

Near the Galbenei Stone a beautiful beech forest lies, where small clearings offer shelter for those who cut the grass here, forming together the Flowers Glade. Beyond these, Galbena Valley and its tributaries flow, including one that splits the opposite hill top, into a huge reddish "wound"; it is Ruginoasa Precipice, dug by torrents in Tapu Mountain, SeacaValley starting point, with numerous canyons and waterfalls. The right side is lined with Tataroaia and Stirbina Peaks, the latter being surrounded by meadows.


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