Bârsa Pit

Groapa de la Barsa

Bârsa Pit is a closed hollow in the depression Padis - Fortresses of Ponor. It's an oval shaped hollow with a major axis of 2 km, oriented NW-SE and a minor axis of 1 km. The north-east section is made of impermeable rocks and on which several streams spring and flow. These are lost through sinkholes in contact with the limestone bedrock of the depression.

Called Barsa Depression, the area is one of the wildest in the Apuseni Mountains with a humid climate which favored the development of a dense herbaceous vegetation with swamp aspect. Along with this, the thick forest, the blueberry bushes, the blind valleys and the lack of lookout points make Barsa Pit become a real adventure to explore.

In the area there are many very interesting karst forms, due to their variety, such as: a large sinkhole collapsed (currently covered by grass), another with a natural bridge, a blackish water lake located in a dolina (Taul Negru) and many more caves. The largest underground cavity is Zapodie System, in the western part of the hollow, consisting of Zapodie sector, extremely difficult, and the Black sector, located in the eastern part of the hollow, which is about 4 km and its tour is also recommended only for trained cavers. The two sectors communicate through a siphon, which makes the system Zapodie - Neagra to reach a length of about 12 km.


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