Balileasa Depression and the ”La Grajduri” (At the Stables) region

Depresiunea Balileasa si zona "La Grajduri"

Balileasa is an elongated lowland located in the western part of Padis, deprived of forest and riddled with sinkholes. The plain has the appearance of a valley with a large meadow, without being crossed by a stream regularly. The upstream side of this "valley" is guarded by two pillars - Oselu and Balileasa Peaks, among which Scarita saddle is located, the place where the forest road reaches from Pietroasa.

In this place, which can be considered the Bihor entry gate into Padis, the road forks: one branch surrounding Balileasa depression towards Padis Chalet; another branch crosses the long meadow until its lowest portion from which it penetrates through a pass in the Fortress Valley Basin. The western slope of the Balileasa Glade is the ridge that separates it from Barsa Pit.


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