Moțului Church Peak

Biserica Motului

The area of Padiş Chalet is dominated by Moțului Church Peak (1458 m), a particular point of view, with broad perspectives on the entire plateau, on the wooded slope of Magura Vanata Mount and on the "wall" Piatra Arsa – Carligatele.

The eastern slope of the Moțului Church is not steep at all, but offering wide views over the Calineasa Peak, Scarisoara Plateau, Lost World Plateau, and Biharia Mountain (1848 m Curcubăta Mare Peak).

The natural park was declared a protected area by Law No. 5 of 6th of March 2000 (on the approval of the National Landscaping Plan - Section III - protected areas, published in the Official Law Code, no.152 of 12 April 2000) and it overlaps the birds special protection area - Apuseni Mountains - Vlădeasa. It occupies an area of 3 hectares and is included in the Apuseni Natural Park.


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