Finiș Fortress (Belovar)

Cetatea Finis (Belovar)

Finiș Fortress (Belovar), Bihor county, Crișana, Romania - Finiș Fortress (Belovar) is situated at the border of the Finiș village, on top of a small peak. Unfortunately only ruins are left. Belovar Fortress, in ruins today, consists of a complex of three towers, one of them being higher (which is visible from the village Finis).

Cetatea Finis (Belovar) Finis Fortress (Belovar) The walls are made of square and massive boulders, placed at 6-9 meters apart, surrounded by moats. A real feudal castle, it was a medieval fortress of refuge and defense. It meets all the defensive qualities: vision, obstacle and shelter, being accessible only from one side. /p>


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