Galbena Karst Fenster

Izbucul Galbenei

The Ponor Fortresses is undoubtedly the most imposing karst phenomenon of Romania, known and appreciated worldwide. The symbol of Padiș, and even of all the Apuseni Mountains, the fortresses portal and the three huge sinkholes, fascinate every tourist who loves nature. They consist of three large basins of rock, located in a huge wooden depression, 300m deep and with the top part having a diameter of over 1km.

The surrounding peaks are cut only in one place by the Cities Valley canion.

The hiking track for visiting the Fortresses of Ponor was rebuilt in 2002, a balcony having been set up, from where you can admire the portal and the left side of the Cities Valley. The track descends to Sinkhole I up to a lookout point to the Entrance, and then climbs up to the 4 balconies, two above Sinkhole II and two above Sinkhole III, allowing the contemplation of the impressive size of the complex karst landscape, Ponor Fortresses.


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