Valley Tărcăiţei

Valea Tărcăiței

This route offers several alternative tourist sights. Recreation and leisure activities like hiking can be carried out on the edge of Tarcaita Valley.

A tourist tour can be made through Tarcaia-Tarcaita canyon, about 3 km long, to the Moneasa resort, visiting the karst plateaus Tinoasa and Bratcoaia (Codru Moma Mountains) and returning to Beius by Briheni village, on a forest road that winds over Briheni Valley.

Cris Varatec Valley tour is another option, where one can fully admire very beautiful landscapes, visit the caves in the area (for example the Bat Cave), visit the ruins of the Dezna Inn and fishing from Dezna River etc. Moneasa resort offers a variety of attractions and spas: thermo-mineral springs, woods, caves (White Cave, Milk Stone) a marble exploitation, Tinoasa karst plateau, the city of Dezna (certified in 1261), the arboretum from Gurahont etc.


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