Calugari Spring

Izbucul de la Călugări

This time the tourist is brought in the Moma Mountains from the Codru-Moma Massif. We have the chance to discover a rare phenomenon: the intermittent spring from Calugari, declared a natural monument.

Related to this intermittent spring, a pilgrimage custom of the faithful ones to the monks church is carried out on each 15th of August, a religious festive day for Romanians . Legend says that ill people over which the spring water sprinkles, have the chance of miraculous healing.

The monastery offers the tourists the opportunity to visit the wooden church in the monastery.

A particularly interesting karst phenomenon is found in Codru-Moma Mountains, the karst plateau of Vascau in the Wood Mount. This is an intermittent spring, a very rare phenomenon in our country. One can find such a phenomenon in Posagii Valley (tributary of Aries) the Bujor spring.


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