Biharia Mountain - Cucurbăta Mare Peak

Masivul Bihariei - Vf. Cucurbăta Mare

Reaching the highest peaks of the mountains is the dream of every tourist. This hiking track offers the tourist three versions: two easy versions and a more difficult version, but the three of them reward the adventurers with splendid geographical landscape.

The easy version means the ascent to Bihar using automobiles, on a forest road that leaves the main road, rightwards, somewhere between Bubesti hamlet and the village center of Arieseni through the Patrahaitesti forest.

Another option is for the auto access from the main road to the Varciorogu waterfall. From this point we continue the path "per pedes" , walking on a mountain path to the two peaks.

Vârciorogu Falls is a few tens of meters waterfall, that delight our view, quench our thirst and provide the freshness deserved, or even a natural shower for tourists who dare to go under the rain splashing waterfall.


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