Focul Viu (Living Fire) Glacier

Ghețarul Focul Viu

Living Fire Glacier is a cave sheltering the third largest block of ice in the country (after Scarisoara and Bortig Pit, also located in the Apuseni Natural Park), with a volume of 25,000 m3. It is a small cave, consisting of two rooms, the first and largest being occupied by the huge block of ice.

Its ceiling is broken by a large window through which logs, leaves and snow from outside fell inside, forming thus a large mound. The ceiling of the cave gets enough light to reveal the ice stalagmite groups located opposite the entrance to the cave.

Moreover, around noon, sun rays penetrate through the window creating an enchanting setting. The explanation of the existence of the block of ice in the cave is given by two elements: the window in the ceiling favors the accumulation of cold air and the lack of ventilation keeps the cold air trapped in the cave all year round.

Visit is allowed until the wooden balustrade set up at the entrance, from where you can see everything described above.


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