Meziad Cave

Peștera Meziad

Meziad Cave was declared a natural monument, being a speleological natural park. It was much researched and in 1921 it was visited by a team of geologists led by the famous caver Emil Racovita. It is a large cave, one of the first caves prepared for tourist visits, one of the longest caves in Romania (4.750 m long with several layers). Situated in Bihor county in Meziadului Valley , South eastern from Padurea Craiului Mountains and the western part of the Apuseni Mountains, the cave was renovated in 1972 and opened to tourism.

It's 22 km far from Beius. To arrive to the cave we have to follow the road that goes from Beius to Alesd and Borod. At Remetea we leave the main road and we have to find the road marked with the inscription: Meziad 6 km we follow it until the traffic sign Meziad Cave from where we have to follow the path marked by blue triangle. The blue triangle shows you the way from the end of the lake Lesu to the cave as well. The signpost shows 2.5 hour. The Meziad Cave was explored, opened and mapped for the first time by Gyula Czaran (1847-1906) who joined his name to the mountain tourism of Bihor Montains. So at the beginning of the XX century it was numbered between the biggest caves of Europe. In 1921 a caver team leaded by Emil Racovita the founded new galleries achieved over 35 km. Today the cave is of 4 774 m. It was between the first up built caves of the country. In the galleries were formed fossil remains of ursus spelaens. The lime-stone formations the stalactits and stalagmits let us fly to a fairy world.

Location and access road

Situated approximately 3 km east of the village Meziad (Bihor County.) On the right side of the Cave Valley (right tributary of Meziadului Valley, Cirsul Negru basin). Starting from the railway station in Beius, we continue by car to the village of Meziad and from there we walk to the Meziad Chalet and then to the cave. Another option is combined with the caves of Iadului Valley: from km 28 (Piatra Bulzului) of IaduluiValley road, follow the marked trail (blue triangle) to the Meziad Cave (9 km distance, time required 3 hours). Or, finally, from the road Oradea-Dr. Petru Groza-Deva (DN 76) we part from Beius road, to the partly paved road, for Meziad Cave and Meziad tourist chalet; from here we walk to the cave.

Visitable: Tuesday-Sunday

Open hours: 10,00-17,00

Contact: 745-602-203

Spoken language: RO, EN


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