Cetățile Rădesei Cave and Someșului Cald Gorges

Cetățile Rădesei și Cheile Someșului Cald

Rădesei Cave is situated at the starting point of the Someșul Cald. The cave is in an advanced stage of development, perfectly exemplifying how changes occur in major canions. The cave has a high portal, over 15 m high and 7 m wide, oval shape, the stream Radeasa penetrating it.

The cave is the only gallery in the shape of a 212 m long tunnel with large rooms and chimneys that break through the ceiling of the cave to the surface. The five windows created by these chimneys, let through rays of light in the cave. Downstream, the tunnel continues with a very narrow canyon about 50 m long.

The cave can be visited due to access made possible through wooden stairs and bridges. We can return to the portal over the cave.


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