lacul LESU

Leşu Lake is a lake located near the village of Leșu on the Iadului Valley in the Apuseni Mountains, in Bihor County.

The recreation area is located on the Lesului Valley and the lake is situated on the Iadului Valley at 20 km from DN1, the road passing through Beiuș, then on a forest road to Stana de Vale, that provided access to the Massif Bihor-Vladeasa . It is a lake with an area of 148 hectares, the volume of water carried out by the construction of the dam on the Hell Valley is 28.3 million cubic meters.

The lake was opened in 1973, and the hydrological power plant in 1977.

The preferred recreation area is the so called Tail´s Lake, which presently has become a summer holiday village.

The Iadului Valley, popularly known as Iada, has attracted many tourists over the years. The wild water course flows through rocks, boulders, which lead along the way until Tail´s Lake Holiday Village, where the stream flows into the lake.

Along the road it gets other valleys such as Runc Valley, Guga Valley, Wolf Valley.

Murgașu Source: Source of good fresh water, located on the road Stana de Vale - Tail Lake Leşu, opposite a forest range.

Fishing: on certain parts of the rivers and of the lake fishing is allowed after obtaining the necessary permits from the forest cantons in the area.


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