Iadului (Hell) Valley

Valea Iadului

One of the most beautiful tourist areas in Romania bears a scary name - Hell Valley. Even Dimitrie Meciu, 1816, writes that this land should not be called Hell, but Heaven, both for the magic sparked by its beauty and for its special people. But, what the tourist eye sees, can not be seen by the natives, who are facing every day with hard nature and bad weather. Neither nature nor the weather were not too generous with the inhabitants of this valley. On the contrary.

The name of the valley, recorded on the Austro-Hungarian maps of the XVII century and the eighteenth century as Jad, has a strong psychological connotation. It was so named after the floods and raging "terribly frightening waters," flooding that happened almost every year. Then, between the slopes of the Bihor Mountains and Padurea Craiului Mountains, from Dealu Mare until Bulz, at the confluence with Crisul Repede, The hell came upon the narrow valley filled, terribly roaring, seething with anger, devastating households, reaping lives of humans and animals, causing panic . One still says, and natives really think it would be the truth, that God couldn t bare anymore the evil and the ignorance of the people, punishes them with flood waters, to warn and correct. This belief was more and more stressed as the times were more troubled, reinforcing the idea of the biblical apocalypse.


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