Farcu Cave (the Cave of Crystals)

Peştera Farcu (Peştera cu Cristale)

Farcu Cave, the largest cave in the explored area, is located 195 m from the entrance to the gallery of the mine. It is accessible throughout three openings, one of which is closed by a metal gate.

The cave is mainly formed from a bent gallery, relatively wide and high, with heterogeneous sections, to which a short superior layer and 5 wells connect. At the main entrance (no. 3) to the north a relatively narrow gallery (1- 1.5 m) is carried upward, of which the 5 level is separated. From that point the size of the gallery increases, (3 / 3.5 m) and is driven downward by 8 m. The final section of the northern sector is 22.5 m long and sometimes reaches 5/5 m. The main gallery is connected with four layers downward, ending with closed wells (three in number) or intercepted by the mining gallery .

Farcu area is situated in the upper basin of the Roşia valley (Crişul Negru basin), near Roşia localities. The karst platou Farcu hill, with an altitude of 375 m is the place where in 1987, after advancing front of the gallery so mining was discovered Crystal Cave Farcu. The cave has a lenght of 251 m and oscillation of level of 16 m. After breakthrough followed black years for the cave, the rare crystals were broken and sold for small change. Only the 35 m vertical, failed to protect the crystals from the cave ceiling. Following the work of planning the 2012 cave became visited. After 200 m of galeries we arrive in the world of crystals, in the incredible quantity and forms. Tour and Arts landscaped ends in a balcony where you can admire the dragonfly reserve became famous already In a former mine gallery was arranged a mining museum, where they were gathered mining equipment remaining after decommissioning. Near the you can test your currage on a zip line.


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