Tourist hiking trails

Tourist hiking trails

Stana de Vale - Sat Ferice Trail

Stana de Vale – Leşu Dam Trail

Stana de Vale - Meziad Chalet Trail

Stana de Vale – Saritoarea Iedutului Waterfall Circuit

Stana de Vale – Custurii Trail

Stana de Vale – Moara Dracului Forest Range Trail

Stana de Vale – Talharului Stone- Varasoaia Trail

Stana de Vale Resort Circuit

Stana de Vale - Cabana Padis Trail


The RED BAND (Line 1): Stana de Vale - Bohodei Saddle – Fantana Rece - Cârligatele - Cumpănăţelul Pass - Piatra Arsa – Varasoaia Glade – Varasoaia Chalet - Padis Plane - Balileasa Depression - Glavoi Glade (camping "The Stables") – Caput Glade - Barsa Cohanului - Ponita Saddle - Vârtop Peak - Vârtop Saddle ( Alpin Guestshouse ) - Graitoare Peak- Tarnita Bihar Saddle - Cucurbata Mare (Bihorul) Peak; Length: 39.5 km; Duration: 12-13 h

Main trail, mainly of ridge, linking Stana de Vale Resort with Padis karstic plateau ( the camping area in Glavoi Glade, locally known as "The Stables") with Vârtop holiday village and Bihorul Peak. It creates a main road crossing the Apuseni Natural Park from N to S, offering the opportunity to visit many of the most interesting tourist attractions in Apuseni Natural Park. Part of the holiday village Vârtop up to Bihorul Peak is one of the most visited ski touring tracks in Apuseni, given the proximity to the ski resort and. Note: the red path replaces the old red triangle trail between Caput and Vârtop.

The YELLOW BAND: Stana de Vale - Wonder Spring – Ciripa Forest Range - Sutanu Valley and Moara Dracului Valley Ridge- Stanisoarei Glade - Talharului Stone - Onceasa Glade- Piatra Arsa – Varasoaia Chalet ; Length : 21 km; Duration : 7-8 hours. Trail linking the resort Stana de Vale and Varasoaia Padis Chalet area, by crossing two mountain crests. Medium difficulty, accessible during winter with ski touring.

The YELLOW TRIANGLE : (Stana de Vale) - Baia Popii Peak - Plaiul Fericii - Magura Ferice - Ferice Village; Length: 14.5 km; Duration: 4 1/2 - 5 hours

Trail linking Stana de Vale resort and the village Ferice. Medium difficulty, accessible during winter with ski touring.

The YELLOW CROSS (Custurilor Tour): Stana de Vale – Magarul Ski Path - Custurilor Peak- Fântânele Glade- Bohodei Saddle- (continued on Line 1, the red band); Length : 9 km; Duration : 3-3 1/2 hours Trail in circuit for visiting the SE ridge from the resort Stana de Vale. Medium difficulty, accessible during winter with ski touring.

The BLUE TRIANGLE : (Bohodei Waterfall Circuit ): Pietroasa Village - Aleului Valley - Aleului Glade- Bohodei Waterfall - Bohodei Saddle - Boiului Glade- Serpilor Valley – Aleului Valley ; Length: 17 km (out of which 4 km the circuit itself); Duration : 6-6 1/2 hours (including 2 1/2 hours in the circuit)

Bohodei Falls Trail for visiting. Although it offers very beautiful views, it is a difficult trail, with very steep portions of the circuit, not recommended except for physically well-trained tourists. It has three steep rocky sections equipped with chains. Bihor Mountain and Cave Rescue Team´s recommendation is that the trail should be avoided in rainy weather, that increases the danger of slipping. Shoes with high adhesion is required. Regardless of the access path chosen (Aleului Valley or Stana de Vale) the trail can be traveled only in the direction described, being closed in the opposite direction. Closed for winter.

The BLUE BAND: Holiday Village of Boga - Paltinetul Hill - Cold Fountain Peak- Bohodei Saddle (continued on Line 1 with the red band); Length: 9.5 km; Duration : 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 hours

Ridge trail on which can be accessed the northern ridge of Vladesei from Boga holiday village Boga. Dificulty: medium to high, not recommended in winter. Be cautious in the Bulzului Stone Ridge and also in Bohodei Ridge (improper marking trail!).

The RED CROSS: (Camping Glavoi) – Cetatilor Valley – Paraul Sec - Chicera Peak - Gardisoara Valley - Casa de Piatra Hamlet

Trail linking the sights in Padis - Glavoi area and those in the hamlet of Casa de Piatra, Alba county. Available all year round, in winter it can be traveled only with touring skis.

the YELLOW TRIANGLE: Pietroasa Village - Crisul Pietros Valley- Intre Ape – Galbena Valley - Luncsoara Valley- Cornul Ponita – Coblesului Valley - Arieşeni; Length: 25 km; Duration: 6 1/2 - 7 1/2 hours

Trail linking the Pietroasa village and Arieseni and access to the Galbena Valley karst area. It allows admiring gorges trough several lookout points and visiting Galbena Gorges. Difficulty : medium, in winter only the sequence with forest roads can be accessed.

The YELLOW BAND: Vârtop Saddle - Ruginoasa Precipice – Cheia Rea Valley - Grohotilor Peak – Fata Goala Peak - Stei; Length : 28 km; Duration : 7-8 hours

Trail linking the town of Stei and the Holiday Village of Vârtop, accessible all year round, in winter it can be traveled on touring skis.

The BLUE TRIANGLE: Campani Village - Sighistel Village - Sighistelului Valley - (Magura Glade- Coliboaia Glade) - Din Dosu Muncelului Glade- Calea Fusului - DN75 km 25 + 100; Length : 12.5 km; Duration: 6 1/2 hours

Sighistelului Valley Trail for visiting the area with the most natural cavities per unit area in our country. In the first half, an easy way is accessible all year round, more difficult during heavy waters; between Coliboaia Cave and Tapu Mount, in the area of the Valley of Sighistelului, there is a difficult road with large level differences, inaccessible in winter.

The RED POINT (Bears Cave Circuit): Sighistelului Valley - Sodolul Laurului - Brusturi Hill- Bears Cave - Brusturi Valley – Dosuri Hill – Fata Plaiului - Magura Glade - Sighistelului Valley - Sodolul Laurului; Length : 14 km; Duration : 4-5 hours

Trail linking sights from Sighistelului Valley Karst and the Bears Cave tourist area - Chiscau. Trail difficult on some sections, inaccessible in winter.